Wire Services

Send money securely with wire services from United Bankers’ Bank.

Whether you're sending or receiving funds from someone within the United States or abroad, United Bankers' Bank provides community banks and their customers with a fast, secure, and convenient method of getting your money where it needs to be through our wire transfer services.

Through United Bankers' Bank's online banking service, UNET.web, banks will have instant and secure access to account information, wire transactions, and several other services in a convenient real-time environment.

Wire Services Provided by United Bankers’ Bank:

  • Domestic Wires
  • International Wires

Features of United Bankers’ Bank’s Wire Services:

  • Electronic wire initiation
  • Straight-through processing of domestic wire transfers
  • Interface wires with your core and cash management systems
  • Integrated OFAC compliance capabilities
  • Access to historical archives
  • Notification communications
    • Wire out confirmations
    • Incoming wire notifications
    • Outgoing wire confirmations
    • Outgoing wire reject notifications

Benefits of United Bankers’ Bank's Wire Services:

  • Wire transfer services are simple, safe, and secure
  • Convenient access to transaction and confirmation information
  • Competitively priced

See why United Bankers' Bank is an industry leader in providing community banks with reliable, cost-effective payment services.