ACH Services

UBB makes ACH origination and settlement easy and with no added costs.

Position your community bank to meet the growing payment needs of your commercial and retail customers.

United Bankers’ Bank provides automated clearing house (ACH) services to community banks searching for a solution for their customers that is easy, reliable, and cost-effective.

ACH Services Provided:

  • ACH Origination
  • ACH Settlement
  • Receive ACH Files
  • Risk Mitigation

Features of United Bankers’ Bank’s ACH Origination Service:

  • Payment is sent through UBB directly to the Federal Reserve.
  • UBB does not charge your community bank for the transaction. You simply pay the stated Federal Reserve charge.
  • Payments are initiated quickly, and transaction and confirmation information is accessible online through UBB’s online banking service, UNET.web.

Benefits of a United Bankers’ Bank ACH Services:

  • Quicker payments
  • No added transaction fees
  • Convenient access to transaction and confirmation information

Learn how United Bankers’ Bank’s ACH services can meet the growing needs of your customers.