Currency Orders

Reliable ordering solutions to your bank’s domestic currency needs.

To make ordering currency for your community bank and its branch locations easy and affordable, United Bankers’ Bank offers the ability to place cash and coin orders.

Contact the UBB operations team; they’ll take your order and place it directly with the Federal Reserve quickly and at no extra cost. The only fees you pay are those the Federal Reserve charges for the order.

Cash Order services include:

  • US Currency
  • Coin – rolls and boxed or loose and bagged

Benefits of United Bankers’ Bank’s Currency Ordering Service:

  • Contact UBB, and your order will be placed directly with the Federal Reserve
  • You only pay your courier fees and any fee charged by the Federal Reserve
  • Orders are placed quickly, and your bank's historical purchase data can be accessed through UBB's Online Banking service, UNET.web