April 25, 2019

United Bankers’ Bank Announces Promotions

William C. Rosacker, President and CEO of United Bankers’ Bank is pleased to announce the promotion of three employees. “The innovation and collaborative nature of each of these employees is what makes UBB successful.  Their dedication to grow and enhance community bank success is what we’re all about. UBB is a trusted correspondent bank and will continue to be as a result of the commitments of these folks and the UBB team at large. We are proud to have them on our team,” stated Mr. Rosacker.


Mary Williams, Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer
Mary oversees the UBB Operations team and supports the development and implementation of the Bank’s deposit, payments and electronic banking systems.  She ensures the Operations team enlists processes to provide not only efficiencies and cost-effectiveness, but most important to UBB, to provide stellar customer service. Mary joined UBB in 2007.
Mark Luukkonen, Officer, Information Security Manager
As Information Security Manager, Mark’s responsibilities focus on the security of UBB’s personal, corporate and customer information. Mark guides and supports UBB’s security and infrastructure with his experience and expertise to enable business growth and customer satisfaction. Mark joined UBB in 2018.
Donna Lindboe, Officer, Assistant Controller
Donna provides support to UBB’s accounting controls and processes, ensuring proper implementation and adherence. In her role, Donna acts as a liaison between all UBB departments to yield strong relationships and provide a well-organized framework for meeting finance initiatives. Donna joined UBB in 2017.
About United Bankers’ Bank
Headquartered in Bloomington, MN, United Bankers’ Bank is the nation’s first bankers’ bank, and a full service provider of correspondent banking services to over 1,000 community banks. For more information please visit www.ubb.com.