Student Loan Referral Program

Assisting community banks in meeting the education financing needs of their customers.

United Bankers’ Bank has partnered with iHELP to offer the iHELP private student loan referral program to community banks.

The iHELP referral program helps families cover the gap between the cost of college and other forms of financial aid a family receives. Financing for these loans is provided through an exclusive arrangement with iHELP, UBB and a network of community banks.

How the referral program works:

  • Your bank agrees to become a referral partner
  • We contact iHELP and a representative will send you a website link to put on your bank’s website
  • You refer your customers to your bank website and they apply for a student loan through your iHELP website link
  • For every loan that originates from your iHELP website link, that is successfully funded, we will send you a $30 referral check.

Features of the iHELP program:

  • Loans are made to the student, but generally cosigned by a parent
  • No loan fees are charged to the students
  • No in-school payments are required
  • 4 payment options available, up to a maximum of 20 years
  • Affordable variable interest rates
  • Rate reductions for timely payments
  • Cosigner release after 24 months
  • Consolidation program available to allow students to consolidate and refinance existing student loans

Why community banks become iHELP referral partners:

  • Keep your best customers banking with you
  • Acquire new customers
  • Prevent customers from receiving student loans from your competitors
  • Generate fee income ($30 for each loan referred that is closed)
  • No actual lending is done on your part
  • The program is simple to set up (sign an agreement and place a link on your website)
  • There is NO cost to participate in the program

Give your customers another reason why they should bank with you, and not with your competition. Become an iHELP referral partner today! Contact your UBB Calling Officer for more information.