Money Desk

UBB's money desk solutions help community banks effectively manage their bank's liquidity mix.

United Bankers’ Bank’s Money Desk provides community bankers with the liquidity mix they need to manage their balance sheet effectively. Whether long or short, UBB’s Money Desk delivers fast and easy turnarounds, ensuring efficient liquidity management.

Liquidity Resources Available:

  • Brokered Certificates of Deposit
    • Repurchase Agreements
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Federal Funds
  • Repurchase Agreements

Benefits of Working with UBB’s Money Desk:

  • Knowledgeable professionals who will analyze your balance sheet and provide you with competitively priced funding sources that best meet your needs
  • No subscriber’s fee
  • Easy enrollment process
  • Once enrollment is complete, funds are directly deposited into your UBB account.

Efficiently manage your bank’s liquidity mix.
As covered by part 330 of Title 12 CFR, all of the deposits are eligible for insurance coverage by FDIC.