Minor Monitoring

 Help your bank customers protect their children against identity theft.

Did you know that the identities of minors are considered extremely valuable by identity thieves because they essentially offer a clean slate, enabling the fraudulent use of their identities for many years without being detected?

Signs of Child Identity Theft

  • Collector calls about accounts in your child's name
  • Pre-approved credit offers arrive in the mail addressed to your child's name
  • A notice from the IRS that your child has not filed income taxes, or that your child's Social Security Number was used to file someone else's tax return
  • Being denied government benefits, unable to open a bank account, or obtain a driver's license because your child's Social Security Number is already in use.

Why are minors at risk for Identity Theft?

Children under 18 have no credit reports, and because of this, their identities provide thieves with a blank canvas in which they can conduct fraudulent activity for several years without getting detected.

How can monitoring a minor's Social Security Number help?

Active monitoring helps detect identity theft sooner, reducing any long-term effects. The longer the identity theft goes undetected, the harder it may be to resolve, and the more difficult it may be to secure credit - including student loans, when needed.

How many children can be enrolled in the monitoring service?

Your customers can enroll up to four (4) children under 18 in the program. An adult IDTheftSmart membership with email alerts is required to enroll children into the Minor Monitoring program.

How Minor Monitoring Works

  • Kroll monitors for any credit activity that includes an enrolled child's Social Security Number.
  • If activity is detected, the enrolled adult will receive an alert, prompting a call to a Kroll Licensed Private Investigator.
  • The Kroll Licensed Private Investigator will conduct additional research to determine if the alert indicates a legitimate credit history for the child (such as a bank account) or a simple reporting error, or if credit accounts have been opened fraudulently.
  • If a credit history has been created for the child, full restoration services will be provided.

Benefits of the Minor Monitoring:

  • Detect minor identity theft sooner
  • Resource you can provide your bank customers so they can protect what is most important to them
  • Access to a Kroll Licensed Private Investigator if fraudulent activity has occurred
  • No enrollment minimums – You only pay for the customers you have enrolled
  • No startup costs or ongoing maintenance charges
  • Competitively priced (Only through UBA is this affordable level of pricing available)
  • Expand your bank’s product offering
  • Generate non-interest income by marking up the service and selling it for a profit to your customers
  • Enhance your employee benefits package

United Bankers' Agency is committed to providing community banks with the best identity theft solutions the industry offers. Contact a UBA expert today for more information or to enroll in the minor monitoring service.
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