Peer to Peer (P2P) Payments

The Simple, Safe and Affordable P2P Payment Platform designed for Community Banks


Is your community bank looking for a convenient, secure and affordable alternative to the large P2P payment providers in the industry? Look no further than ExcheQ.

What is ExcheQ?:

ExcheQ is a smart phone app based payment service that allows your community bank customers to send personal payments to their friends and family members. ExcheQ effortlessly moves money from one bank account to another, often on the same day with no fees. Best of all, the app works with all ACH processing systems.

How the ExcheQ App Works:  Click to play video



Why Your Bank Will Love ExcheQ:

ExcheQ P2P Platform Features:

  • Uses existing infrastructure
  • Leverages Same Day ACH
  • Can settle within traditional ACH windows
  • Your bank can set a daily request and dollar transaction amount

Benefits of the ExcheQ P2P Payment Platform:

  • Affordable – limited costs
  • Allows for same day settlement
  • Customized online portal to conveniently enroll your bank’s customers
  • Designed for community banks by community bankers
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Expand your bank’s payments strategy

 Why Your Customers Will Love ExcheQ

ExcheQ P2P App Features:

  • Add and manage payees
  • Initiate requests
  • Keep track of payment requests
  • No third party holding accounts or credit cards needed

Benefits of the ExcheQ P2P App:

  • The app is not required to receive payments
  • Zero fees to your customers to send or receive money
  • Transaction data is not stored
  • Provides a safe, secure and convenient way to pay friends and family
  • Available in the Apple App Store & Google Play Apps
The growth in the usage of P2P payments is fueled by the fact that it presents a fast and easy way to move money. P2P will be at the forefront of customer retention as your current and future customer bases seek out a convenient way to conduct their payments. If your bank’s growth strategy is focused on retaining and strengthening your customer relationships, then ExcheQ is the solution for you.
ExcheQ was developed to be as simple as possible, including the decision to offer it. 

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