Mergers & Acquisitions

Buy or Sell a Community Bank with Confidence.

The decision to buy or sell a bank is an important one. When you work with UBB’s accredited BankValue advisors, you’re partnering with a team of valuation experts who only work with community banks and provide invaluable, first-hand experience when counseling bank investors, owners, and shareholders on the purchase or sale of a community bank.

Resources provided when purchasing a bank:

  • Assisting in the crafting of a competitive bid
  • Review comparable bank sales to help identify an accurate market value
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the business climate and conditions for the markets associated with the proposed purchase

Resources provided when selling a bank:

  • Crafting a fairness opinion that evaluates the facts of the transaction and examines the fairness of the offered acquisition price
  • A thorough analysis of a vast network of bank customers to identify potential buyers
  • Development of a confidential memorandum that provides an assessment of the market, the bank’s strengths, and other potential buying opportunities
  • Liaison and informed resource for the selling bank’s team of attorneys, tax advisors, bank management, Board of Directors, or selling shareholders

Why you should trust the BankValue Advisors for your bank transaction:

  • Accredited and experienced advisors who only work with community banks
  • All inquiries, discussions, and transactions are conducted with the utmost discretion and commitment to maintaining the involved party’s privacy and confidentiality
  • Provide field-tested advice and resources to ensure you enter the transaction fully prepared
  • Access to a broad network of bank contacts who could be the perfect suitor for your transaction

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Today’s market is filled with opportunities. Take on your next opportunity with confidence. Contact a BankValue advisor today.