Merchant Program

Providing your business customers with a merchant processing solution has never been easier.

United Bankers' Bank's turnkey merchant services program enables community banks to provide merchant processing services to their commercial customers without the risks and liabilities of managing their own program. 
Through UBB's program, we initiate contracts and will work directly with a community bank's commercial customers for set-up, training, merchant processing, ongoing customer support, PCI compliance, and more. As a result, community banks earn necessary non-interest income without the compliance and management headaches. Best of all, community banks are providing their best customers with the payment solutions they need to remain competitive. 

Benefits of the UBB Merchant Program:

  • Offer Merchant Services Without the Risks and Liability
    • The merchant servicing and liability responsibility shifts from the Bank, alleviating the risk and liability that comes with a traditional merchant program, ultimately freeing up time for your staff to develop more business and expand your merchant portfolio.
  • No Compliance Headaches
    • The program’s PCI compliance is monitored for each Merchant, ensuring your merchants are fully compliant, saving your bank time and stress.
  • Earn Non-Interest Income
    • UBB will share a percentage of the net income generated from your bank’s merchant customers.
  • Maintain Relationships
    • Your Bank can offer your business customers merchant services without the burden of administering the program yourself.
  • Breach Protection
    • Your Bank and merchant customers are insured in case of a breach.
  • Expert Support
    • A merchant services expert is available to support your bank and answer any questions you have regarding the program.
Provide customers with easy, painless, and affordable payment processing solutions. Contact UBB Card Services today for more information or to enroll in the program.