Credit Cards

Provide your customers with more ways to pay.

UBB Card Services makes it easy for your community bank to offer consumer credit cards to its customers.

When you partner with UBB Card Services, you’re teaming up with an industry expert committed to providing your institution with the resources necessary to successfully implement, operate, market, and sell business and consumer credit card solutions to your customers.

Features of the UBB Consumer Credit Card Programs:

The No Risk Plan allows your bank to earn moderate income without risk and with zero liability. 
Plus, it includes these features: 
  • Competitive product suite including Secured Card and Visa Signature®
  • Branded marketing materials, online applications, and plastics
  • Staff training and turnkey promotions
  • Mobile payments, free FICO Score®, Cell Phone Protection, and many other card features
  • Personal, community bank service through in-house Customer Contact Center

Benefits of UBB’s Consumer Credit Card Programs:

The consumer credit card program is serviced by two trusted industry experts, UBB and TCM Bank, N.A.  TCM Bank is a subsidiary of ICBA Bancard and has been providing credit card services to community banks and their customers for over 21 years.
  • New account incentive and share in interchange
  • Your bank is not responsible for credit and fraud losses
  • Compliance relief
  • Improved market positioning
  • Speed-to-market technology to help you compete
  • UBB does not compete for your customers, meaning they, along with their sensitive financial data, are safe and will not be used to solicit their business
  • Profits go back to the ICBA to help support the interests of community banks

Give your customers more ways to pay. For more information about the programs offered or to start enrollment, contact UBB Card Services today!