Cami Jo Sonnenburg
What First for Your Success Means to Me
Keeping relationships at the forefront of everything we do, never losing sight of the goal of putting customer success FIRST.

Cami Jo Sonnenburg

Event Planner & Marketing Coordinator

As Event Planner & Marketing Coordinator, Cami Sonnenburg enjoys finding fresh ways to communicate with customers and the team at large.  She thrives when it comes to organizing customer events to ensure that the driving force behind decisions and activities support the efforts of the UBB team in putting customer success first.

Prior to joining UBB, first-hand experience serving customers in community banks eventually led her from the teller line to a career in Bank Marketing in 2010. Cami previously held posts at MidCountry Bank and Anchor Bank, N.A. as a Marketing Communication Specialist. She graduated from the University of Minnesota, Mankato with a degree in Elementary and Special Education.