"There was a year when we had someone else prepare our valuation just to see if a different perspective would be helpful. It just didn't go well at all. We came back to BankValue because they are good at communicating the process and staying on top of the market, especially during these times of financial instability."
Toby Kommer

CFO, Bank Forward, North Dakota and Minnesota

"BankValue really understands bank valuations and the requirements of ESOP's. Their industry and technical knowledge is apparent in their work."
Brett Tiemann

CFO and EVP, Illinois National Bank, Springfield

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Stock Valuations

Durable Valuations Delivered
With A Personal Touch

Community bankers and other financial service organizations turn to the ASA-accredited appraisers at BankValueTM Advisory Services for hands-on, legally durable bank stock valuations. We visit your bank personally rather than running a "computer" appraisal. Our specialties include:

Estate planning & gifting

Whether an annual gift or a unified credit, we recommend a valuation to comply with the federal tax code. Other estate planning techniques, e.g., a trust or family limited partnership, also require valuation of contributed stock.

Employee stock ownership plans

Under federal law, an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) requires a valuation at formation, at least annually thereafter, and whenever conducting a "party of interest" transaction.

Sub-chapter S conversions

An independent third party valuation may convince minority shareholders to accept sub-chapter S status for tax purposes. And in some cases, state law will require such a valuation. Once the holding company owns 100 percent of the bank, some tax advisors also suggest a valuation to measure the built-in capital gains at election in case of a future reversal.

Charitable stock contributions

Shareholders can face significant capital gains taxes if they sell their stock. Instead, the bank owner might decide to gift shares to a favorite charity by instructing the holding company to redeem the shares at fair market value as determined by an independent appraiser.

Buy/sell or shareholder agreements

"Buy/Sell Agreements" govern transactions involving the bank's stock. Many times these agreements call for an annual appraisal. Certain transactions may also be triggered when the stock reaches a specific price as determined by an independent appraiser.