"When you ask them for something, even if it's something they haven't done before or they don't routinely do, they bend over backwards to make it work for you."
Jean Pike

Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer, Bank Midwest, Spirit Lake, IA

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Portfolio Management

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Advice For Busy
Bankers From UTrust®

Do-it-yourself portfolio management can be risky and time consuming - especially when your main focus is lending and local business development. UTrust® is your ally in the bond business, powered by the experience, access and bond trading intelligence you need when portfolio management isn't your first priority.

We quickly discern your loan-to-investment preferences, judging what bonds suit your specific liquidity needs and investment philosophies. Our goal is a bond schedule that is a perfect fit for your bank while returning a greater yield than you are able to achieve on your own. And of course, we do all the work.

Our experience, your discretion

David Emmons leads UTrust for United Bankers' Bank, the first correspondent founded by community bankers. A bond trader by training with more than 30 years of investment experience, Emmons also worked as a broker and investment banker.

Emmons helps you set smart portfolio goals using interest rate models and market analysis. Then he scours the bond market while leveraging UBB buying power to present you with the options, pricing, call features, maturity mix and yields you need to meet your outlined goals.

Read more about David and his time-tested investment techniques...

Valuable advice at a value

We think the UTrust fee schedule offers the best value in investment consulting. Banks with portfolios under $24 million receive sliding-scale pricing and market-class advice at extremely competitive rates. Fee caps mean that banks with portfolios exceeding $24 million pay annual fees somewhere south of an average teller's salary. Either way, UTrust delivers productive investments for predictable fees that are among the lowest in the business.

Heritage of trust means investment peace of mind

Trust is exactly why community bankers like you founded UBB - the nation's first bankers' bank - more than 35 years ago. They wanted a correspondent bank that would never compete with them for business and would always look out for their best interests. Read more about our First for Your Success promise at UBB...

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