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Merchant Program

Merchant Program Keeps
Local Business Humming

Merchant accounts from United Bankers' Bank include everything your business customers need to accept all card types, including card-scanning hardware, setup and service.

You maintain complete control of your merchant portfolio and can generate income through merchant discounts and fees. Or simply provide card processing as a value-added service. Whatever strategy you choose, UBB is there all the way with backroom, operational and settlement services.

Recruit customers with UBB training

With our Merchant Program, you recruit and approve your own merchants. If you need help getting started, our experienced staff will train appropriate bank personnel to acquire, support and service new merchant business.

Several processing options, simplified accounting

UBB supports terminal, telephone (Dialpay), software and Internet processing options. By using ACH settlement, regardless of how merchants submit transactions, we eliminate daily bookkeeping demand. Merchant fees are reconciled monthly so you only make one entry for net profit.

Transparent customer service

We see your customer relationships as sacred, a guiding principle behind UBB's First for Your Success philosophy. Therefore, we are completely invisible to your merchant customers while providing you with dependable, every-day customer service.