"They're very knowledgeable people, very trustworthy and you're dealing with a partner rather than a competitor. That's number one to me."

- Rick Traut

President, Farmers State
Bank of Hamel, MN

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Bank Cards

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Bank Cards

Turnkey Card Programs From Trusted Community Bankers

Your customers expect credit cards, merchant programs, and gift and travel cards through your bank. So why not give them what they want without the cost and without exposing sensitive financial data to the same major bank systems that compete for your best customers?

For more than 20 years, bankers like you have turned to United Bankers' Bank (UBB) - the nation's first bankers' bank and trusted correspondent partner - for turnkey card programs. Seamlessly provide business and retail cards to your customers, strengthen relationships with your commercial customers through UBB's merchant program, and generate a new source of fee income with popular gift and travel cards.

Business Cards

Full-featured VISA business card program branded with your bank's identity on applications, correspondence, statements and cards. Check it out...

Consumer Cards

Deepen customer relationships without the risk and time required to administer a credit card program with the VISA Platinum card. Read more...

Merchant Program

Control merchant accounts, including discounts and fees, while UBB handles all operational and backroom support. Learn more...

Prepaid Visa Cards

Attract potential customers and generate added fee income with these convenient new card products. Click here...

You-First service guarantee

UBB was there as the First bankers' bank to ensure Your Success. Today this heritage is so ingrained in our corporate culture that every decision we make comes from the premise that our very First priority is Your Success.