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    Upgrading to DigitalPersona Online 4.4.1
    If you have Digital Persona Pro (fingerprints for PC login) please call United Bankers' Bank and ask for UBB.COM support.  You will need special instructions.
    • Before beginning, make sure that you are logged into the computer with a user that has administrator's rights to install software in the pc you want to install DP Online
    • Download This software and save it on the desktop
     Removing old software
    • Disconnect finger sensor
    • Double click ADD /REMOVE Programs to open it
    • Remove the software for "U.are.U Online Client"
    • Restart the computer
     Installing new software
    • Choose to Open (or RUN) the software you saved on the desktop before. If you have the CD then insert it in the CD drive and continue with STEP 4
    • Confirm that you want to Open (or RUN) it from our site, approve any security warnings
    • It will ask you if you want to install U.are.U Online  client, answer YES
    • Accept license agreement and then walk through the wizard by clicking NEXT and then FINISH
    • Restart the computer
    • Log in to computer  again as the administrator, connect the sensor and wait for hardware installation to finish installing the new drivers for DP online client (After a few seconds the sensor should light up)
    • Visit the Sign In page and login with fingerprint to make sure the sensor works properly
    • The image next to the U.are.U login section will change to the UBB logo and the words "Touch Sensor" and "To Begin"