"No matter what level, no matter what department, [UBB] has wonderful long-standing employees. And for us to know the person to call helps us sleep at night."
Tiffany Paine

Vice President Operations, Security BankUSA, Bemidji

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Money Desk

Manage Your Liquidity Mix
At The UBB Money Desk

Long money, short money - lock in the liquidity mix you need with fast and easy turnarounds from UBB's Money Desk. Our resources include:

Brokered CDs/ Repurchase Agreements - our purchasing efficiencies mean no disruption of local market pricing while saving you money. Read more...

Minnesota State Board of Investment CDs and Repurchase Agreements - a special option for Minnesota Banks. Learn more...

Fed Funds - both unsecured and secured with new terms favorable to our customers. More info...

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There is no subscriber's fee for Money Desk, and a few one-time applications make it easy to sign up. Knowledgeable investment professionals will analyze your balance sheet and provide recommendations on the funding sources that best meet your needs. Once signatures are on file, we handle all the paperwork, depositing funds directly in your United Bankers' Bank deposit account.