"I like that nobody passes the buck at UBB. If your advisor isn't available, there is always someone there asking, 'What can I help you with? Can I get him a message?' or 'Can I help you with something directly?' There's not just one quarterback and that's all you've got."
- Paul Gatz

President, State Bank of
Belle Plaine, MN

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Handle Securities With Ease Through UBB Custody Service

Now you can handle the custody of your securities with ease and confidence through UBB's Custody Service. Look closer and you'll discover a feature set that could only be designed by advisors and technicians who work exclusively with community bankers… and have done so for decades.

You'll also appreciate our single-minded dedication to customer service in converting, training and troubleshooting our services. All of this - expertise, experience, service and technology - at aggressive pricing we think will win your business.

UBB Custody Service highlights

Payments - All interest, maturity and called bond payments are paid on the payable date without delay.

Asset Safety - UBB maintains strictly segregated accounts for each custody customer, never co-mingling assets whether on our records or the records of our depositories.

Online Pledging - Pledging is controlled, timely and accurate through the UNITY online management service so you always know the status of your pledges.

Easy Conversion - No need to worry about any hassles when moving your securities into UBB Custody. During the past three years, we've increased our holdings nearly 30 percent. That means we are comfortable taking the load off of you, while providing careful guidance when needed to ensure a seamless transition.

Integrated Service - Securities purchased through UBB Securities are automatically interfaced to your custody account and to the UBB Investment Portfolio System for accounting.

Outside Trades - Our online notification system allows us to effortlessly receive securities into your custody account that were purchased elsewhere.