"ALMEdge is very important to us. The FDIC and state regulators usually scrutinize several quarters of their reports. We then talk to ALMEdge about regulator feedback and what we should do differently in the future to address their concerns. That's particularly helpful and valuable."
Monica Glass

Operations Officer, Gateway Bank, Mendota Heights, Minnesota

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Smart ALM Reports
For Community Banks

The ALMEdge® quarterly report gives you bias-free intelligence on business cycles and their implications for your balance sheet. Our model is built specifically for community banks, so you'll get clear, compact information in eight colorful, easy-to-scan pages - and with just a few minutes of input from you each quarter. After all, the last thing you want before a bank exam is to struggle with a 50-page report where you can't find what you need or figure out what the rest has to do with your bank.

Unique features of the ALMEdge report model:

  • Duration analysis - shows how much of your margin is at risk to shifts in the yield curve
  • Capital formation monitor - assesses your rate of capital formation and corresponding leverage capabilities
  • Cash flow and rate shocks - models what your balance sheet will look like based on your bank's stated priorities and a range of market fluctuation

Support beyond the report

Our service just begins with the quarterly report. We follow through with telephone support for your operations staff, onsite visits, conference calls with your ALCO executives, ALM seminars and webcasts - anything we can leverage or build to help you manage your balance sheet through any business cycle.