"We use ALMEdge every month in our asset liability management committee, and we attend their seminars. These are people who really know their stuff."
Brian Nicklason

President, Woodland Bank, Remer, Minnesota

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Asset Liability Management

Guard Your Balance Sheet,
Satisfy Examiners With ALMEdge®

Big bank. Small bank. Whichever you are, you have detectable risk embedded in your balance sheet - and a regulatory obligation to understand and describe how you will manage that risk. Yet, in-house asset-liability management (ALM) tools are often thousands too expensive, tough to administer, and produce reports that require a PH.D. to decipher.

Enter ALMEdge®, a suite of management tools and services that are relied on by a rapidly growing number of community bankers to guard their balance sheets from interest rate volatility. Get concise readings on your liquidity, earnings, interest rate and yield curve risks, plus your capital position.

And the news gets better: as a UBB Securities customer, you receive ALMEdge for free. Or if you use another securities service for bond sales, you can contract for the Edge at a highly competitive yearly rate. Either way, you receive it all: the industry-leading ALMEdge report, customized consulting and forecasting expertise, and the online service center.

ALMEdge reports: what you need when you need it

Based on a model built specifically for community banks, the ALMEdge quarterly report delivers all pertinent data tailored specifically to your balance sheet in a clutter-free synopsis that's easy to understand-and easy to relay to your regulators. Read more...

Stay ahead with expert recommendations

Expert advisors interpret macro trends, apply them specifically to your business, and help define your best tools and techniques for facing whatever is ahead. See how...

Online service center, our go-to info source

Your one-stop home as an ALMEdge customer for the latest market data, automated reporting and analysis, archived reports, and numerous other ALM management tools Learn more...

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United Bankers' Bank is the first correspondent founded by, and for, community bankers. Our core philosophy puts your best interests first, which translates into unbiased investment and market advice rather than the all too familiar "make-a-quick-sale" mentality.