"We joined UNETexchange and saw reduced clearing fees immediately. It's easy to rely on UBB, the original bankers' bank, as opposed to promises from an unknown vendor."
- David Callies

CEO, Miner County Bank, Howard, S.D.

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Network Volume

Network Growth Strategies
Benefit New & Existing Customers

UNETexchange achieves phenomenal growth with a two-prong strategy:

  1. Customer Base
    We leverage the strength of United Bankers' Bank with more than 800 community bank customers located throughout the Midwest. Respondents already on UNET.web, UBB's pioneering Web-based correspondent banking system, can join UNETexchange imaging network and start saving literally with a flip of a switch.
  2. Network Analysis
    We constantly monitor network traffic for non-member banks that would be a good fit for the exchange because of the endpoints they add, are clearing, or both. We then contact them directly to discuss the benefits of UNETexchange membership. We also aggressively pursue several national exchange partners to further expand our in-network penetration. The result is that UNETexchange hit critical mass early and is now breaking records on nearly every growth measure:

Our pledge is to continually look for the best possible clearing solutions and value for our network members.