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Conversion Guide

Joining Is Easy With Our Full-Service Customer Support

You can start cutting processing fees in as few as thirty days from first call to first item cleared through UNETexchange. Our customer service specialists have front-line experience helping hundreds of community banks smoothly join the network. And you do not need to be an existing customer of United Bankers' Bank to get started.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: End Point Analysis
We start with an End Point Analysis of your current exchange to estimate your per-item savings through UNETexchange. Existing volumes are compared to the per-item rates charged by your current correspondent. Or share your precise per-item data with us and we'll provide you with the most accurate analysis possible.

Step 2: Open online account
Contact a UBB banking officer and open an account on UNET.webTM, UBB's pioneering Web-based correspondent banking system. You'll receive easy-to-follow startup instructions and all necessary agreements including directions for required membership in ECCHO (Electronic Check Clearing Organization).

Step 3: Orientation & training
Meet your dedicated UNETexchange customer service specialist, and review the minor differences you'll see on adjustments and statement descriptions when using UNET.web.

Step 4: Start saving money!
Adjust your transmission settings so your files come to UNETexchange, and start saving money immediately. It's really that easy.