"UNETexchange is big for us. It holds our processing costs to a fraction of what it cost in the past. For example, one of our customers operates throughout Nebraska and South Dakota, running all their deposits through our bank. You can imagine how much we save in operations on just this one account alone."
- Dick Behl

President, Farmers and Merchants State Bank, Scotland, South Dakota 

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Image Exchange

Cut Processing Fees -
Join UNETexchange

Save on processing fees by clearing your image cash letters through UNETexchange, one of the fastest-growing exchange networks in the Midwest. With more than 7,000 endpoint banks and monthly volumes now exceeding 5.5 million items, members are clearing an average of 67 percent of their item volumes peer-to-peer.

And if past performance is any guide, the savings are likely to continue. An aggressive growth strategy is driving the reach and in-network volume of UNETexchange.

Hassle-free conversion

UNETexchange is tailored specifically for community bankers by United Bankers' Bank. We've helped hundreds of community banks - from the smallest rural bank to the largest billion-dollar regional bank - join the UNETexchange network. Count on our customer support team every inch of the way to handle all the technical details, answer your questions, and troubleshoot any potential challenges. There's also no need to be a current UBB customer to reap the benefits of our exchange network.

See our step-by-step conversion guide.

First for Your Success promise

UBB is the nation's first bankers' bank, founded 35 years ago by community bankers to level the playing field with the major systems banks and ensure the success of community banking. This heritage is so ingrained in UBB's corporate culture that every decision we make comes from the premise that our very First priority is Your Success.