"It's the complete package of services at UBB Operations that make it the best. The way everything works and flows together, the security enhancements, and all the other features that come along with it."
- Tiffany Paine

Vice President Operations, Security BankUSA, Bemidji, Minnesota

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Depository Services

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Deposit Services

Maximizes Investible Funds
With UBB Deposit Services

Maximize your investable funds and improve access to your correspondent accounts with a wide array of customer-acclaimed depository services from UBB Operations.

With our sweep account product we can automatically make your Fed Fund investment on a daily basis, saving you the time and trouble of analyzing your investable position. The result: you achieve a higher degree of fund utilization. The benefits of using UBB depository facilities are even more dramatic for our customers on UNET.webTM and UBB.com, our premier on-line management services.

Save even more money and time by participating in UNETexchange, the community banker's peer-to-peer exchange network.

Featured depository products and services:

UBB.com: Information and Reports

  • DDA Account Information & Statements
  • DDA Account Analysis
  • Daily Transaction Confirmations
  • Fed Funds Confirmations & Distributions
  • ACH Information & Settlement Summary

UNET.web: Transactional Online Banking

  • ACH
  • TT&L
  • Wire Transfer
  • Currency Orders
  • Electronic Check Adjustment FRB
  • Savings Bonds

International Services

  • Wire Transfer US/Foreign $$
  • Currency (Buy/Sell)
  • Cash Letter
  • Draft Purchases
  • Collections