"I feel like UBB's a trusted partner to us, not a competitor."
- Jean Pike

SVP & COO, Bank Midwest, Spirit Lake, Iowa

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Legendary Customer Service
Distinguishes UBB Operations

Call "operations" at a mega-bank correspondent and you'll get a long recorded message with endless selections that invariably lead you into a voice mail black hole! Call UBB Operations and you'll fall out of your chair when a bona fide human being answers with a hearty, "Can I help you?"

But that's just the start. Customer focus groups and testimonials show that UBB Operations routinely "bends over backwards" to accommodate requests, train new customers, and troubleshoot any potential challenges. Multiply this hyper-commitment to customer service by a fully integrated lineup of deposit services, online banking and image exchange, and you'll see why UBB Operations delivers a "full house."

Deposit services

Maximize your investable funds and improve access to your UBB accounts with an array of deposit services. Read more...

Online banking

Initiate transactions, access key reports, and manage your accounts online with advanced technology from UNET.web™ and UBB.COM. Learn more...

Image exchange

Cut processing fees and speed settlements by joining UNETexchange. More info...

Your customers, your success

As the original bankers' bank, our first priority at United Bankers' Bank (UBB) has always been helping you shine with your customers while we work invisibly in the background. It's a philosophy built on 35 years of trust, knowing that we're always there for you when you need us most - even after regular business hours. And it's knowing we will never, EVER solicit your customers. Period.