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NCP Exam Preparation


UBB is partnering with ECCHO to offer members NCP exam preparation. These sessions--only offered to a select group --will help you learn new information as well as review what you already know.

All live webinars are recorded so you can listen on your schedule. In addition, a class instructor is available to answer your questions. Slides will be provided in advance of each 90-min webinar so you can familiarize yourself with the materials ahead of time.

Three review sessions will revisit all primary topics and provide additional opportunities for questions.

Register now for the 2014 NCP exam for $400 per person and mention the UBB/ECCHO training option to receive the classes below at $595 per person (or per phone line for larger groups)

The exam prep course will cover:

1) Parts of the check, the clearing and settlement environment, and paper check regulations;

2) Image exchange rules (Fed and ECCHO) and their vital role in filling the gap left by paper check regulations;

3) An overview of the Day 1 and Day 2 check processing functions;

4) Check products and how they benefit businesses and consumers; and

5) Types of fraud and how risk can be mitigated, including a look at FFIEC guidance with a focus on RDC.

Click here to download the informational flyer.

For More Information, contact:

Todd Cordes, 952.885.9491, todd.cordes@ubb.com

Mary Sherman, 952.885.9461, mary.sherman@ubb.com

Jenny Johnson, 770.452.0961, jjohnson@eccho.org