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USource 2013 Summer Forum


Summer 2013 USource Human Resources Forum

"Cultivating Employee Engagement"


The title of the Forum sounds like we are delving into the "growing" of employees! Well, that is just what we are going to discuss; how to "grow or cultivate" our employees' skills, abilities and engagement within our organization. 

We will discuss and encourage sharing of best practices and strategies utilized for the growth and development of employees.

As we venture into personality traits of individuals, we will take part in a personality assessment ourselves. Upon determining our own personality type, we will be able to better recognize how and why we interact with others in a specific manner.

Once we have diagnosed how "employee engagement" happens, we will then identify the results. The results could include; increased productivity, enhanced employee retention, reduction in turnover costs, increased abilities to attract key employees, sustained customer satisfaction, and greater business success.

If you have been pondering why one employee is so motivated and engaged, while the other employee in the same position is complacent and unhappy, this is the forum for you to attend!

The dates and locations of the forum are:

  • Monday, July 29th in Mankato, MN
  • Tuesday, July 30th  in Bloomington, MN
  • Wednesday, July 31st  in Alexandria, MN
  • Thursday, August 1st  in Grand Rapids, MN

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