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2014 Spring USource Human Resources Forum



Forum Overview

USource Forums provide you with a unique opportunity to network with other community bank officers with human resource responsibilities. Information will be presented with discussion encouraged on the following topics:

  • Succession Planning:  Bank examiners have been inquiring about succession plans.  Does your bank have one?  A succession plan helps management identify skill gaps and training needs, adapt to demographic changes and talent scarcity, and to retain institutional knowledge in a knowledge economy.  Succession planning tends to boost morale and retention by investing in employees. We will discuss factors to consider when designing a program, potential obstacles to implementation, and characteristics of great programs.
  • The Net Generation - Baby Boomers have long been considered the largest generation and have therefore impacted the American workforce more than any other in history. But now, they are retiring and leaving banks with major holes to fill. But there is a new generation, even larger than the Baby Boomer Generation. They are referred to by many names including the Net Generation, the Millennials, or Generation Y.  Demographic shifts will create competition for talent-perhaps more rapidly or slowly than anticipated, but inevitably. We will discuss best practices to attract and retain Net Generation talent.
  • Leave laws have always been difficult to sort through because different statutes impose different requirements, and a leave that clearly would not be required under one statute may be required under another.  We will discuss how various leaves relate to each other, the benefits you provide in relation to leaves, and the laws which govern them.  This is one of the most challenging sections to draft in employee handbooks; we will discuss recommended language to clearly and consistently communicate your policies.

Seminars are from 9:00am until about 3:00pm.  Continental breakfast and lunch is provided. 

   Seminar Moderator

Mary Deziel, USource Human Resources Vice President for United Bankers' Bank, will be the forum moderator. Mary has over twenty years of human resource experience in a variety of industries. She has a Master Degree in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas specializing in Human Resource Management and holds the SPHR certification from SHRM.