"UBB Lending is 100 percent ethical. You get a very thorough write up. And they call the situation the way it is. That's not always the case when you're working with somebody that you don't normally deal with."
Rick Traut

President, Farmers State Bank of Hamel, Hamel, Minnesota

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Bank Stock

UBB Chartered to Provide Bank Stock Loans

UBB's original charter emphasized bank stock loans - to help community banks raise capital, acquire other banks, expand operations or execute changes in ownership. Bank stock lending is as important today as it was when UBB was founded.

Loan services for holding companies and individuals

  • Holding company lines of credit
  • Loans to increase banks' capital base
  • Employee Stock Options Plans (ESOP)
  • Credit lines for individual officers, employees and directors
  • Financing to help employees make bank stock purchases
  • Redemptions
  • International letters of credit