"When I call the people I work with at UBB Lending, they have the knowledge, ability and latitude to say 'yes, this looks like something we might be interested in.' They can talk rate and structure up front. And we've never had any surprises. I appreciate that."
Bernie Gaytko

President & CEO, First National Bank, Waseca, Minnesota

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How does UBB Lending serve community banks so well? Easy: we come from community banks ourselves. We know intuitively what it takes to meet community credit needs. And as the original banker's bank, our mission from the start has always been about helping you enhance relationships with your customers, your community, and building your bottom line… not ours.

Our veteran loan officers and knowledgeable support staff have written credits of all sizes in just about every field, including commercial real estate, agribusiness, alternative energy and business expansion. We've endured numerous business cycles over 35-plus years because our standard is 100-percent loan quality. We don't cut corners to make profit-driven quotas. And since we mean to keep you as a customer, we never compete for yours.

Participations bought and sold

Meet customer demands and diversify your loan portfolio by buying and selling quality participations. Read more...

Bank stock loans

Cover your capital needs, pursue acquisitions and execute ownership changes. Plus, we lend directly to individual executives and directors, handle redemptions and more...

SBA 504 lending

Extend SBA 504 loans to your commercial customers. Click here for contact.

First for Your Success assurance

As the first correspondent founded solely to protect the interests of community bankers, this "you-first" attitude is literally part of our corporate DNA. Thus, you can count on our knowledgeable lenders for personal attention, unquestioned integrity, and a passion for serving you.