"I tell prospective customers that First for Your Success is our philosophy, and that they should expect the same 'you-first' commitment from their current correspondent."
    - Jay Syverson

    Vice President, UBB Correspondent Banking

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    Operations & Customer Support

    Answers fast:

    • 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST): 800-752-8140
    • 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. CST: 800-558-6878

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    Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Don't know where to start?

    Call our general information and support line at 800-752-8140 or contact one of our Sales & Marketing Officers. Otherwise see the listings below for specific department, product or service contact information.

    Our address is 1650 West 82nd Street, Suite 1500, Bloomington, MN  55431.


    Deposit Services
    Anne Hofstede, 952-885-9460, anne.hofstede@ubb.com

    Online Banking
    Mary Sherman, 952-885-9461, mary.sherman@ubb.com

    Image Exchange
    Mary Sherman, 952-885-9461, mary.sherman@ubb.com


    Kevin Bostrom, 952-885-9514, kevin.bostrom@ubb.com
    Conrad Newburgh, 952-885-9511, conrad.newburgh@ubb.com


    Trading and Sales
    Ben Eskierka, 952-885-9489, bene@ubb.com

    Securities Management
    David Kvist, 952-885-9482, david.kvist@ubb.com
    Mike Garrity, 952-885-9446, mike.garrity@ubb.com

    Asset Liability Management
    Jim Nowak, 952-885-9448, james.nowak@ubb.com

    Money Desk
    Stephanie Rosacker Forbes, 952-885-9483, stephanie.rosacker@ubb.com

    Special Services

    Credit, Gift, Travel Card and Merchant Services
    Paul Jacobson, 952-886-9574, paul.jacobson@ubb.com
    Marcia Hartwig, 952-885-9454, marcia.hartwig@ubb.com

    Human Resources Management
    Mary Deziel, 952-885-9498, mary.deziel@ubb.com

    Insurance Services
    Tim Henry, 952-886-9524, tim.henry@ubb.com

    Valuation & Market Research
    Dwight Larsen, 952-886-9525, dwight.larsen@ubb.com
    Matt Becker, 952-886-9526, matt.becker@ubb.com

    Portfolio Management
    David Emmons, 952-885-9447, david.emmons@ubb.com