"We community bankers were there to support our communities during the economic downturn. But when things got tough, who was there to support us? Easy answer: United Bankers' Bank."
    - Brian Nicklason

    President, Woodland Bank, Remer, Minnesota 

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    Our address is 1650 West 82nd Street, Suite 1500, Bloomington, MN  55431.  Turn-by-turn from major area freeways, or Google Map us from your location.

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    About Us

    First for Your Success
    Starts with UBB - the Nation's
    First Bankers' Bank

    When the founders of UBB gathered together in 1975, they faced a serious threat. New branching laws meant that the major systems banks were invading their hometowns, competing for their best retail and commercial customers. Meanwhile, most community banks relied on these same systems banks for all of their correspondent services. As one founder so eloquently put it at the time, "we were doing business with the enemy!"

    A new correspondent bank was needed that would be owned and managed by community banks, and would focus only on their best interests. So in the true can-do spirit of independent community bankers, the founders of UBB created the first bankers' bank, an entity that had never existed before and came to be called the "Minnesota Experiment." Their vision: level the competitive playing field with systems banks by providing community banks with a full range of innovative correspondent services secure in the knowledge that nobody would ever come after their customers.

    The Spirit of Innovation Lives On!

    For more than three decades now, the same spirit of innovation and single-minded commitment to community banking that spawned the first bankers' bank lives on in the corporate DNA of United Bankers' Bank. Hence our First for Your Success credo:

    • Your success is always priority one - not our prestige or bottom line
    • Never ever compete with our customers. Period.
    • Build and maintain all customer relationships on a bedrock of integrity and trust
    • Pioneer new products, services and technologies that keep you competitive with the big boys
    • Achieve steady growth and a strong balance sheet here at UBB to ensure that we have the resources to meet your future needs
    • Never waver in these commitments regardless of how much everything else changes in banking or the economy

    Community Bank Strength, Common Sense Set Us Apart

    UBB operates under the direction of bankers like you. More than 250 shareholder banks with billions of dollars in combined assets have invested in UBB. Our Board of Directors, and that of our holding company United Bankers' Bancorporation, Inc., are composed solely of community bankers. When you turn to us for correspondent services, you are tapping into a tremendous pool of community bank strength, experience and common sense.

    Our staff also mirrors the exceptional talents and experiences of our community bank customers. Before coming to us, many UBB employees worked in a community bank environment or at other correspondent banks. Others served community banks in highly respected financial service organizations or in major regulatory agencies. We understand the "heartbeat" of community banking, the strength of a handshake. In other words, we're one of you!

    The bottom line: UBB has grown into one of the largest correspondent banks in the upper Midwest and Pacific Northwest. Today, the 800-plus customer banks we serve stretch across 12 states (Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, North & South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and now Illinois).

    Level the Playing Field with UBB

    Not surprisingly, we continue to see major opportunity for community banks. We combine all that makes you the banker of choice in your community - customer-first service, local decision making and flexibility - with our full line of customer-driven, correspondent services.

    We hope you'll take a minute to browse our website and discover for yourself the UBB First for Your Success advantage. Our products and services will help you control costs, diversify your loan portfolio, achieve a reasonable margin, and create a stream of non-interest income. All this, while your customers enjoy the advantages of big-city banking without the big-city bureaucracy and headaches that go with it.

    Bring your vision for community banking to us, and let's talk about ways we can make it soar. For more information about the services UBB can deliver to you, click here for a complete listing of our products, services and staff experts. Or contact us at (952) 881-5800/ toll free (800) 752-8140.

    We can't wait to share our passion for community banking with you! Our purpose is your success and we want to be your correspondent of choice.