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Business Cards

Branded Visa Business Card 
Promotes Your Bank

Solidify relationships with important business customers by offering them a Visa Business Card that is specially branded with your bank name and logo. All cardholder correspondence, including account statements, letters and application forms, also carry your bank's name.

Turnkey means we do it all...

  • Hold the outstanding loans
  • Complete the underwriting of the account
  • Assume liability for any losses
  • Handle the accounting
  • Provide same-day customer payment processing through UNET.web, the UBB electronic banking system
  • Organize your Visa membership, insuring conformity with Visa's regulatory guidelines and annual changes
  • Comply with state and federal mandates, including the Fair Credit Billing Act, Truth in Lending and Regulation Z

Added card benefits at no additional cost...

  • Travel insurance up to $250,000
  • Auto rental damage waiver program
  • Travel and emergency assistance services
  • Warranty manager service

Customer confidentiality guaranteed

Gold-plated respect for your customer relationships is the guiding principle behind UBB's First for Your Success customer service. Therefore, your customer lists and other information are kept strictly confidential and are never, ever used to cross-sell other products or services. Guaranteed.