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Trust is why community bankers founded UBB - the nation's first bankers' bank. We're a full-service correspondent that never competes with you and always puts your success first.

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"In the past, my correspondent relationships were all with larger banks, but correspondent banking wasn't their main thrust. UBB is solely a correspondent bank, and it's a whole different model. They're looking at every one of us community banks, at our profitability and seeing what they can do to make us better - all the way from their investment products to lending to operations."

- Dick Behl

President, Farmers and Merchants State Bank, Scotland, South Dakota



HR Question of the Week

Friday, October 24, 2014

: We have an applicant for a Loan Processor position who was extended a conditional offer of employment contingent on a background report. The background report came back with a bankruptcy from four years ago. This individual has great job-related experiences and is an excellent fit for the position, but we decided not to continue with the employment offer based on the bankruptcy. We sent her the pre-adverse action letter, copy of the report and the “rights summary”. The letter indicated that we were considering discontinuing the employment opportunity and that she had 5 business days to contact the Consumer Reporting Agency. Within two days, we received a phone call from the applicant stating that she would like an opportunity to explain the bankruptcy. How would you recommend that I proceed at this point?
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United Bankers’ Bank Announces the Promotion of James Radtke to Securities Sales Manager.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ben Eskierka, Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, is pleased to announce the promotion of James Radtke to UBB Securities Sales Manager.
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Chuck Hokans, Senior Marketing Executive, to Retire After 29 Years

Friday, August 01, 2014

Bill Rosacker, president and CEO of United Bankers’ Bank (UBB), would like to announce the retirement of Chuck Hokans, executive vice president, along with a series of promotions designed to maintain and improve interaction with customers. Hokans will retire Dec. 31, 2014.
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NCP 2014 Exam Preparation

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

UBB is partnering with ECCHO to offer members NCP exam preparation. These sessions--only offered to a select group --will help you learn new information as well as review what you already know. All live webinars are recorded so you can listen on your schedule. In addition, a class instructor is available to answer your questions. Slides will be provided in advance of each 90-min webinar so you can familiarize yourself with the materials ahead of time. Three review sessions will revisit all primary topics and provide additional opportunities for questions.
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Fall 2014 USource Human Resources Forum (4 separate dates available)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

USource Forums provide you with a unique opportunity to network with other community bank officers with human resource responsibilities. Information will be presented with discussion encouraged on the following topics: • I-9s and E-Verification • Reality Based Leadership • Affordable Care Act for 2014 • Regulating Employees’ On and Off-Duty Conduct

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The Pitfalls of Wage and Hour Laws

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wage and Hour lawsuits are increasing. The statistics are alarming: -Collective actions have increased by more than 500% since 2002. -90% of all employment class action lawsuits are wage and hour cases. -DOL estimates that 70% of employers are violating the Wage and Hour laws in some way.

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